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Truth Seekers USA is a movement to dispel lies and shine light on the truth.  Being complacent, not being involved enough in our communities is partly how we got in this position!   

America is on the verge of communism! We bypassed socialism they took our freedom to speak!  Biden's puppet masters, the globalists,  secret Satanic societies, Media Techs, and corrupt corporations, are holding our planet earth hostage through fear mongering.

The Covid hoax, riots, and inflation are NWO weapons to bring the world to its' knees!  They are destroying our democracy, breaking our economy, taking our freedom, our world is becoming unsafe.

"We the people" will not stand for it!  We do not accept the ideology of these Globalists and refuse to live under these demonstrative, evil, greedy, Marxists.

Donald Trump is still our President!  The other guy is a criminal, a thief, and a treasonous pedophile!

PLEASE help in any way possible, donate or even sharing information from this website is very helpful!

And ultimately, God always wins!

They created racism offenses to urge us to fight among each other, pushing dangerous, untested vaccines, poisoning our water and food. They create distractions, chaos, and confusion.

They plan to remove all police, confiscate every gun, we will have no way to protect ourselves, our loved ones, or fight back. 

They've taken over school boards, indoctrinating grade schoolers with sex, homosexuality, critical race theory, and communism. Turning children against their families.

Unreliable legal system, bias against victims, crimes against humanity, flooding our country with illegal aliens, closing our churches, arresting minister, allowing murderers to go free.

Purposely crippling our economy, create dependency, mind control, dumb down of media, encouraging the breakdown of family, promoting drugs and alcohol, and operating human and sex trafficking of illegal immigrants

We must mobilize teams across all nations alerting people not to comply.  At the very least share this on every social platform.

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