Welcome Patriot Friends!

Truth Seekers USA is a movement to dispel lies and shine light on the truth.  

America is on the verge of falling into the hands of the corrupt globalists. They are destroying our beautiful country, breaking our economy, and taking our freedom, making our nation an unsafe war zone as witnessed in major cities already!  

We the people do not accept the current ideology of the Democrats under the rule of globalist quickly turning us into a socialist/communist regime.  We refuse to fall under the power of these demonstrative, greedy, globalist.

Truth Seekers goal is to educate people about what is truly happening behind the scenes; what is about to become of our economy and our freedom.  We love & support Donald Trump!  

PLEASE help or donate in any way possible, even sharing this website is helpful!

The horrific violence will be in every city and town unless we ban together to end this now! 

They plan to remove all police, confiscate every gun, we will have no way to protect ourselves or our loved ones. 

Time is of the essence; we need every truth warrior to assemble. Share this information and help save America!

We need immediate help; mobilizing teams in cities across the nation to educate people, specifically.   

Both parties must be cleaned up- the swamp consists of greed and deception on both sides.

The globalists pulling the strings must be stopped now!  

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"Child Trafficking"

"Election Fraud"

"Good Patriots"

"The Deep State"


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"Black Lives Matter"


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"Spiritual Warfare"