About Truth Seekers USA

Truth Seekers provides our community with the truth; as it's quickly censored and deleted from nearly every social platform.

We will continue finding ways to gather, protect, and share information with you.  

Truth Seekers posts content regarding our country’s current affairs, all things political, and more!

It’s more important now than ever that you have the freedom and safety to speak up to voice your thoughts and opinions.  

We only ask that you do it respectfully as we're all more stressed than usual,  

Here you will learn topics not covered in MSM, too many to name, those conspiring against America, our economy, values, and overall well being: politicians, world leaders, globalists, media, big tech, corrupt corporations, and more.

It's never been more important to stay informed, revisit history, uplift your spirit, refresh your mind and rest in the Holy Spirit.  

We hope you will consider getting involved in any way possible. We must band together to end this craziness!  

It's highly important to know what's REALLY going on;

Spiritual Section

We’ve included a tab labeled "Spiritual ", where you will find:

  • Stories of Clergy
  • Uplifting Music
  • Spiritual Testimonials
  • NDE's  (near-death experiences)

NDE's are fascinating and  leave you with a sense of calmness.  

Although everyone’s experiences are vastly different, there are similarities. 

NDE’s give us something amazing to look forward to, they strengthen our faith, give people hope, and help us realize that no matter what; we are going to be better than fine!

By knowing, we may be able to prevent things from going further. If you're unaware, it will be too late to change it.  Many things you learn will surprise you because we've been lied to for century's!  Knowing, will help you make sound decisions, and may preventative things from escalating.   The more people are enlightened, the safer we will all be.

It’s important that we hold tight to our faith and know God loves you, He will never leave or forsake you. 

Please share articles, videos, podcasts, etc.; anything to help others stay informed.

And most importantly, know you are welcomed, honored, and loved!

God Bless the USA, the world, & You!

Our Community

Our community is comprised of true Americans & Worldwide Patriots who honor:

  • God
  • Our Families
  • USA & Your Country
  • American History & World History
  • Our Forefathers
  • American Flag & Your Country Flag
  • the US Constitution
  • President Trump
  • Police Officers
  • Our Military
  • Our Freedom
  • Our Sovereignty Worldwide

Our values, traditions, and all we hold sacred. We'll not let go, give up or give in.

Please join us!  Check out options at the top right of menu above to get involved.