President Donald Trump

Truth Seekers USA Story:

Our work isn't glamorous, but when we can point like-minded patriots to the truth,  it's very rewarding.

Much of our time is spent, researching, recording, editing, uploading videos, planning, working on website, setting up meetings, phone calls, and planning the next initiative; none of which generates an income.

Our long-term plan is to mobilize across America, to capture footage that's not currently being reported.  We will interview people, and officials, to get to the bottom of what is truly going on.  For example, once we are mobile, we can stay near a location such as the Capitol, or the southern border to report what's REALLY going on, and not a filtered, politically correct watered down, version of the truth.

We are continually working on ways to keep our channel of communication open and free from scrutiny; recently YouTube deleted an entire years worth of work; and completely destroyed our work.

We stay on top of what's happening in the world to share with you to help make sense of the crazy times we're going through.

Please support our work in any way possible; Like, Share, Comment and If you have the resources please support us by donating, every little bit helps! 

Thank you so much!


Leslie O'Neill