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The Deaths of Ukrainian Citizens Are by Two Evil Factions | It's Not the Russians!

The background/ implications of the 2014 coup in Kiev, which overthrew the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, is critical for understanding the current Ukraine-Russia war.

The deaths of Ukrainian citizens are at the hands of the two evil factions, the neo-Nazi’s Azov Battalion and the Ukrainian Mafia, (not to be confused with the Ukrainian Army).

The Russians could have easily taken-out their targets, been finished & gone if they weren't taking their time to avoid injuring good citizens and infrastructures.  

Putin could have taken out the grid, electric, communications, & financial to cripple the black hats, but in fact he didn't want to create further duress on the people.

Like every place on earth, there are 3 groups of people; good, evil & clueless.

Russia is there to take down the evil factions (a real threat/danger to all Ukrainians), along with drug rings, child/human sex rings, and bio-weapon labs, all money laundering schemes that has destroyed Ukraine turning it into an evil cesspool of corruption for too many years.

Zelensky, is far from the hero the media makes you believe. He's a N W O puppet and part of Rothschild’s Khazarian Mafia.

His masters, Soros, Schwab, and Kolomoisky have spent millions creating his public persona; first they enhanced his acting career to win hearts and to ensure he was well-received before ushering him into office.

Zelensky had no prior knowledge or interest is politics but he can sure read scripts and making you believe!

In 2 short years, Zelensky’s net worth has sky-rocketed beyond $700 million, pretty certain it’s much more.  He has multiple homes in multiple countries, and a few in the US.  He has a $34 million villa in Miami, as well as, his last jewelry purchases came to $5.6 million.  He has a continual supply of cocaine.

 Since when do new politicians make these kinds of funds?  If this doesn’t help you understand who he is; it’s pointless to read further!

Zelensky is no hero!  Listen to what true Ukrainians (not paid actors), have to say about him; they know he could care less about Ukrainian citizens and why he’s there!

Before Zelensky fled for safety, he made a few cameo appearances, handing out military-assault rifles to all the criminals.  Of course they are killing one another!  Then pillaging their cities, robbing, raping, and killing innocent citizens!  But keep listening to all the news stations about what a hero Zelensky is! 

Basically there are 4 different groups of Ukrainian thugs who are extremely volatile and a danger to all citizens.  

The good citizens are not, in the least bit, afraid of the Russian military; but very afraid of the criminals and evil factions bombing their cities, using them as human shields, killing them when they try to flee!  Then of course, blaming everything on the Russians and the media is creating the fake scenes, using old war footage, scenes from games, and many forms of fakery!

Any person or nation pushing the false narrative about Putin invading or hurting citizens is 100% guilty of covering up their own crimes, or simply clueless! 

Haven’t you learned not to believe the medias lies of the cabal / deep state? 

In reality, what Putin is doing should be done in all corrupt countries around the world! It's the only way to end the nightmares the world has been facing over the past few years (and beyond)! 

The hardest part is getting the good people to separate (locations) from the bad, especially the clueless.  

Then you have the clueless mercenaries going in to save the day only to have them attacked and killed by the evil factions and blaming it on Russia. 

And those sending tanks and munitions only further jeopardize the safety of Ukraine’s good citizens!

 Unless you start researching for real answers and listen to those living there (not paid actors) you won't learn this from any news channels! 

The good Ukrainians know exactly what's happening and look forward to Russia liberating them!  

The evil factions kill those who speak up; they are partly responsible for turning Ukraine into an evil cesspool of corruption.

The other party largely responsible is a specific group in the U.S. White House, namely Obama and his appointees, Biden, and more we can go into another time. The same culprits who are purposely destroying America today!

You probably didn't know that Russia has delivered well over 1,700 tons of humanitarian supplies for the citizens, and moving them to safety, giving them food & shelter whenever possible.  They’re trying to separate them from harm of the evil factions.  And no, Zelensky is not taking care of his citizens!

Follow the money; see who's desperately selling you these ridiculous lies….  And for those buying into it and NOT researching this on your own… you are contributing to the injuries the good citizens of Ukraine are suffering.  Please do what's right and humane.  

Search this on your own.  Use alternative search sites; don’t use platforms known to be compromised:  Google, YT, F B, Wikipedia, news, etc.  Go find videos of real people, no fancy edited footage.

Search Rumble, UgeTube, Bitchute, and use alternative browsers.  I understand Duck, Duck, Go has also been compromised; so search other safe places.  You’ll know the truth when you find it, it makes logical sense and it feels right; always consider each person’s motives.

My Bitchute channel is filled with this info- I have 100’s more videos to upload, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get this info out.  As you can see it’s very important that people know the God’s honest truth, our lives and futures depend on it. It’s impossible to compete with world media, but we have to all do our part to save humanity. 

Please help by sharing and helping any way at all!  

God bless!  


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The Deaths of Ukrainian Citizens Are by Two Evil Factions | It’s Not the Russians!

The Deaths of Ukrainian Citizens Are by Two Evil Factions | It’s Not the Russians!


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