Senate Judiciary Discusses Ending Anarchist Violence

There is a long history of BLM and ANTIFA groups targeting law enforcement in deadly violent acts against police offers, political members, and innocent law-abiding citizens, regardless of skin color.

Their primary motive is to harm people they believe to be enemies.  They accumulate mass weaponry, engage in any form of covert criminal activities, and trigger any form of war, a race war, a civil war, anything to create hatred and violence; their goal is chaos, destruction, and anarchy.

It's unfathomable that elected democrats want to ignore:

  • the violence of ANTIFA and BLM
  • they want to ignore the violence on the left
  • yet they scream white supremacist rather than condemn violence

There were 277 injuries of federal law enforcement officers in Portland and not a single Democrat on this committee acknowledged that!

David Dorn, an African American police officer was murdered!  A retired police officer in Saint Louis who was black, he has brutally murdered yet not a single one of the senates, seven democratic senators who spoke at this hearing mention David Dorms name!

Patrick Underwood, another black officer murdered!  Senator Durbin was the only Democrat who mentioned Patrick Underwood's name.

We hear democrats repeating the slogan Black Lives Matter, what about the black police officers murdered by terrorists; did they matter?  Why are the Democrats not mentioning their names?

Yes, black lives matter enormously; every human being matters! 

We are ALL a precious gift from God.

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