Please Keep Trump and Our Nation Under God

tens of thousands pray for President Trump

Tens of Thousands Praying for President Trump Prior to the Election

Pray for Donald J Trump and Pray for our Nation.

God is in control; but that doesn’t mean we go back to business as usual, back to daily life as if it's in someone else's hands. No one can fix everything without YOUR support, YOUR voice, YOUR involvement.  

We must stand up for what’s right & good.

This is how we got into this mess to begin with. We were much too complacent, not paying attention to the amount of evil deception all around us.

If we don’t stand up now to support our President more than ever, we will sheepishly allow our nation to be overrun by this commie regime; our lives and freedom will be gone forever.

  • What if Moses just prayed for the Israelite's to be freed but did nothing else?
  • What if when Joshua arrived at Jericho and just got on his knees and prayed and did nothing else?
  • What if David threw down the stone and the sling and walked away from Goliath saying “God is in control”?
  • What if Paul said “God is in control" put down his pen and didn’t write most of the new Testament?

  • God required Moses to TAKE ACTION and enter the pharaoh’s court.
  • God required Joshua to MARCH around the city until it fell.
  • God required David to PICK UP that sling and that stone and take down Goliath.
  • God required Paul to PICK UP that pen and to write so that we will know HIS truth.

Just as HE's been throughout history; God requires us to take action. 

Don’t let your freedom be stolen; we must fight for it!

Don’t allow evil to prevail;  Fight for God's to remain over nation. 

YOU are part of God’s plan.

What YOU do matters, just like every example in the Bible mattered; please don’t take that lightly.

Let’s rally!

Keep pressing forward peacefully and powerfully with no harm to anyone; unite for the good of all.

We are Gods messengers.  Let's fight to keep our President and our nation under God.

Please help in anyway you can:

It literally took two minutes to write and send to the Supreme Court, click the link above.

It's so important to do this. We must show our country we will not allow cheaters to take over and destroy our democracy. (I had to enter the security numbers at least ten times before it went through - but don't give up it's very important. 

Help preserve America for our families and generations to come!  We have ONE LAST CHANCE before our country falls into ruin by the corrupt Democrats!

And SHARE this post.

God Bless YOU!

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