The Collapse of America is Democrats Utopia

Sweden has demonstrated that lock-downs are unnecessary. Its death rate is no higher than other European countries and would have been substantially lower, perhaps cut by one-half to three-quarters, had it done a better job of protecting its elderly and nursing home patients. Unlike Andrew Cuomo and several other Democratic governors who made the same mistake, Swedish officials have admitted theirs.

If herd immunity works, why did we have to lock-down? Why can’t we just complete the herd immunization we’ve already started? 

Will a vaccine, like lock-downs, make the outbreak worse?

Why run the risks and bearing the enormous expense of an inadequately tested, vaccine with toxic ingredients, and will undoubtedly have unanticipated side effects, some of which will be severe?  What’s the life-threatening agenda behind the vaccine?    heavy punishment

While China was the beta test for lock-downs, apparently New Zealand and Australia serve as such for the next iteration of totalitarianism. China instituted heavy punishments in Wuhan, which had a serious corona-virus outbreak.  New Zealand’s and Australia’s corona-virus death rates are minuscule:  4 per million in the former, 18 per million in Australia. Despite these scant numbers, New Zealand is under lock-down and postponed an election.  No one has died of the corona-virus since May, yet Melbourne has instituted, “the harshest lock-down conditions of all Western democracies”

Melbourne’s restrictions, the preview of coming attractions that will eventually be rolled out around the globe:

Despite the extremely low death rate, Melbourne residents (prisoners) must adhere to the following rules:

  • No traveling more than 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) from their homes
  • No traveling to other states inside of the country
  • Those under house arrest are permitted to leave home for one hour each day for exercise
  • Only one person is permitted to go shopping per family each day; shopping is to be done within 5 km from home
  • Unlike traditional prisons, visitations are not permitted to house arrests
  • In many US states, the prisoners have been set free
  • All businesses, services, and construction canceled
  • Organized sport, forget it
  • All school activities are to be conducted online
  • Curfew in effect between 8 pm and 5 am
  • In the case of funerals only 10 guests allowed; ditto for weddings
  • These restrictions will be in place for at least six weeks (but may go on indefinite).

So much for pompous invocations of the “traditional Anglo-American protection of freedom and individual rights.” It also gives the lie to the desperate delusion to which millions still cling: these measures have something to do with health and safety.

It's all about power and control, which is why they're uninterested in research that demonstrates their measures are ineffective and counterproductive. 

The cheap, readily available drug hydroxychloroquine, used with an antibiotic and zinc, is an effective prophylactic and treatment, they censor such research!  Although it has already been proven more effective than the only remedies they will allow.

Their hypocritical indifference is made clear when their hardened rules covering corona-virus is non-existent for certain politically approved protests, riots, funerals, and rallies.

Their objective of taking power and control is through death. 

It’s easy to see their motives when rioters are allowed to loot, destroy, and murder, as it has become exempt from punishment unless they are a police officer.

The Coronavirus killers are hiding in democratic offices and behind lab coats, announcing that their plans are for “the greater good”.   Meanwhile, this justifies, bankruptcy, unemployment, misery and suicides, the closing of schools, churches,  as they pretend to be “heroes” caring for the afflicted, with ineffective methods that end more lives.  This is the difference between a slow but deadly poisoning and a quick execution.

The most demolished cities have been run by corrupt Democrats for decades, they are destroying their citizens' lives to line their pockets and buy votes, and the democratic sheeple are buying it, hook, line, & sinker!  

Then the same Democrats who jabber about social justice, defunding the police, as BLM/ Antifa, and social justice warriors, are destroying their neighborhoods, looting their shopping districts, and brutalizing innocent people as their cries for protection go unanswered. 

Police-maintain barriers between the ghettos and the high-rent districts yet have been breached by thugs using cell phones, instant messaging, to call in the flash riots, random destruction, and violence, with plenty of cash and firearms supplied by Geroge Soros and other elites to take over America!

 These cities will not be restored and the elites know it. They hire private security and hunker down or flee while the towns & cities fend for themselves with no form of protection.  Many are fleeing.

Only if people would understand that the chaos and unfathomable evil enveloping the world is our suffering and injustice is their paradise.  The carnage, chaos, and collapse in American cities how they control us through social and economic affairs. 

Their vaccines will have side effects that wipe out millions, potentially a billion; sacrifices must be made for the greater good, of course.  The Democratic officials, Fauci, Gates, Soros, and all their wealthy cronies, will be exempt from such a sacrifice.

The Dem’s hide every fact proving that our president, Donald J Trump is 100% about free-thinking, self-empowering, productive people living in a capitalist economy, who will do everything possible to make our lives better.  Verses, the Democratic party who plans to benefit by forcing America into poverty, starvation, horror, murder, illness, and death. A life that forces people to flee their countries or die trying.    

Nothing good has ever come from evil.  It’s better to realize this before the "all aboard" calls for the social distance cattle cars and social distance lines for the gas chambers. 

Please Dem friends, recognize the homicidal souls among us for what they are.

God bless you, God bless America!  

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