The Most Dangerous Legislation Ever Considered by the Rules Committee

Senator Cruz talks about The Rules Committee Hearing on The Corrupt Politicians Act, says, “This is the most dangerous legislation that's ever been considered by the rules committee!”

It is in the house, HR1, it is in the senate, S1, which means it's the very first bill that was submitted by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

The very first bill was submitted by Chuck Schumer and the democrats. It is their number one priority.

The top priority of the democrats;

It’s not covid19

It's not immunizations

It's not getting people back to work,

It's not reopening schools, getting millions of kids back in the classroom.

It is locking in power for the Democrats for the next hundred years; that is their overarching priority.

How does it do this?

The Corrupt Politicians Act mandates automatic voter registration whenever anyone has an interaction with the government; whether they have an interaction getting a welfare check, an unemployment check, getting a driver's license from the DNV, or whether they attend a public university, everyone is registered!

This bill is intended to and will register to vote for millions of illegal aliens!

That is exactly what the democrats want to do with this bill is register millions of illegal aliens.

And the text of the bill acknowledges that; it says the illegal aliens who are registered to vote even though it's against the law for them to vote; face no liability because they're automatically registered to vote.

This bill prevents the states from addressing that from correcting the voter rolls.

It prevents the states from removing dead people from the voter rolls!

It facilitates voter fraud!

This bill mandates that criminals be allowed to vote.

That all felons be allowed to vote.

Many states have very reasonable laws that prohibit felons from voting.

The democrats repeal every one of those laws; they mandate that murderers, rapists, and child molesters, be allowed to vote..

The Democrats have made the determination that if millions of illegal aliens and millions of criminals are allowed to vote, that those voters are going to vote for democrats, and they're going to keep democrats in power forever.

Beyond that this bill strikes down the election integrity laws at the state level across the board:

No photo-id laws

No voter identification laws

And in 29 states we have voter identification laws. By the way, about 80% of Americans support voter identification laws. The Corrupt Politicians Act strikes every one of those down.

Among the states that have voter identification laws are Georgia

Arizona and West Virginia. All three of those states have Democratic senators in this body.

Those Democratic senators are saying to their states they're willing to strike down the voter identification laws that were adopted in those states.

This bill mandates ballot harvesting paid operatives from the democratic national committee collecting votes going to a nursing home, collecting hundreds of votes. Potentially throwing out the votes they don't like. It is an invitation to corruption.

You know in 2005 the Carter Baker commission was chaired by democratic president jimmy carter by republican former secretary of state James Baker concluded that ballot harvesting poses a serious risk of voter fraud; so what does The Corrupt Politicians Act do it incorporates it!

Beyond that, this bill is also welfare for politicians. It provides a six to one match federal taxpayer dollars going to politicians to fund their campaigns; hundreds of millions of dollars of federal money going to fund campaigns.

And you know what this bill also says?

The corrupt politicians can pay themselves a salary from the money from the federal government while they're running for office.

This bill is for the democrats by the democrats and for the democrats; it is designed to keep them in power.

For 50 years the federal election commission has been bipartisan; 3 republicans 3 democrats that have ensured some modicum of fairness what does this bill do it turns the federal election commission into a partisan attack machine.

If democrats have control of the federal election commission; if Chuck Schumer is in charge of elections; you have republican senators here I can guarantee you every republican senator is getting fined by the Chuck Schumer federal election commission.

Every republican senator is getting sued by the Chuck Schumer federal election commission; every Republican senator is getting targeted- why?

This is not an election integrity bill,  this is a bill designed to steal your vote; to take it away and to give it to millions of illegal immigrants and criminals, and it is a fundamental threat to our democracy!

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