The Deep State Dems Are Wreaking Havoc in America!

There are too many horrible things happening in America today!

Unfortunately, this is the shortlist:

  • Joe Biden isn’t winning like Hillary wasn't winning.
  • Bubba Wallace wasn’t a victim.
  • All Lives Matter - red, yellow, black & white, we are precious in His sight.
  • What happened to Floyd should never happen again.
  • Most police are good, most are not racist.
  • Trump is our President and doing a fantastic job!
  • Rioters & looters have nothing to do with George Floyd; they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!
  • Antifa is funded by George Soros, innocent people died because him & the Left
  • Dems continue to cause upheaval through Nov!
  • Police Lives Matter!
  • Unborn lives matter.
  • Bill Gates & large corps are directly involved w/ COVID charade
  • BLM donations go directly into Dem's political campaign fund.
  • Colin Kaepernick is not a hero, nor will he ever be.
  • CNN & MSNBC is not news, it's fake propaganda for the Left.
  • Facebook only censors conservative posts.
  • COVID19 was designed to spread fear throughout the world, take our freedom to eventually control us! 
  • Mandatory vax's will be the END of our freedom! Don't believe it?  Research it!
  • All fear is fueled by the Left & the media, that is a fact.
  • God has always been in control and will be through eternity.
  • Epstein did not kill himself.
  • Nascar killed themselves.
  • Most people are not racist.
  • There are no longer people enslaving anyone in the U.S.
  • LIFE is What YOU Make of it.
  • I stand for the U.S. Flag & the National Anthem.
  • I only kneel for Jesus.

Enough is America! 

Our President needs us ALL onboard!

What will you do to help?  

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