Fauci and Wuhan Lab | Both Caught Red Handed

Fauci and Wuhan Lab

National Institute of Health (NIH) funded Gain of Function (COVID) research at the Wuhan lab in China, Dr. Fauci is NIH, he controls all the $, grants, research that all the institutes in the health complex rely on for survival, he has absolute power and has had it for decades. He is the classic example of the Deep State.

So NIH, quietly behind the scenes, sent 100's of millions to the Wuhan lab for GOF research, this is an extremely dangerous form of research. Here we have a non-elected official making a deal with a foreign country, on his own, in secret. Whenever you have $ like that you have a deal, logic would say I give you $ you give me research data, a shared relationship with him being the only one outside of China with that knowledge that is power.

But then China drops the ball, I would like to think by accident, Covid (that they created) escapes from the lab. Then a troubling thing happens, China isolates Wuhan from the rest of their country but allows infected residents to travel from China to other countries, clearly knowing what will happen. That is biological warfare, that is how countries will win wars in the future, no more planes, ships, missiles, tanks are costly, a germ is all you need to cripple economies and instill fear in other nations. Now, this isn't the first time China used a germ against the rest of the world. Asian Flu 1957, Hong Kong Flu 1968, H5N1 1997, SARS 2003, and now Covid. That is biological warfare and not one country has done anything to punish them, ever. Why is this? It's always about the $, although bad for a country it is good for business. This is WWIII and China is winning without firing a shot.

China's ultimate goal is world domination, throughout their history, they have worked towards that reality. Do you have any idea where China's financial interests/controls are? Everywhere on this planet in some form or another China is in every nation's infrastructure, education real estate, research, retail, and the list goes on. Because no nation wants to adversely affect its financial structure they ignore many abuses even if the end result is domination. China is fulfilling its destiny as the rest of civilization is busy doing other things. So what is the question, is China a threat to America? China is a threat to all nations but back to NIH.

Covid is out, now it's time for the NIH cover-up, but the problem with coverups is in time, something is always left uncovered, as happened here with Fauci emails. So NIH will tell us what is going on and will advise us on survival, they will rule the info we receive, which is a cover-up. Recently, Soros & Gates bought Mologic a COVID-19 testing company, I can only wonder about the intent but with Soros, it can't be good for America. Interesting, top researchers at the lab have disappeared, just gone, one of their top biologists involved in the research fled China for America and she told us the Covid release was intentional.

Now here we have Senator Rand Paul with Fauci in the hot seat at Senate hearings, the questions are direct, supported by facts presented by someone who is a Dr with knowledge of viruses. Fauci has problems but is in coverup mode, he is lying to Congress, once again. This is what we need to save America, the truth for all Americans to see and make their own judgments, that is how We the People improve government, making decisions based on facts. Dr. Paul deserves our support, calls, emails, texts just to let him know Americans appreciate his efforts. What he is doing is courageous, it is Patriotic. 

The major problem in America is she is under attack from so many of our institutions and leftist supporters and even her own government that defending her is difficult and time-consuming. It will take a united effort of all Patriots doing whatever they can do to get the facts out to others, awareness is our major weapon and an intelligent voting population is our solution.

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Fauci and Wuhan Lab | Both Caught Red Handed

Fauci and Wuhan Lab | Both Caught Red Handed

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