Shocking Interview | Expert Reveals the Contents of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Several retired CIA agents have scoured Hunter’s laptop contents, as well as, a contractor from NSA, and cyber security experts, and all have confirmed that it's 100% real and it’s all Hunters.

There's so much meta-data connecting everything together that there's not even a shadow of doubt nothing was tampered with and everything found was completely verifiable!

Hunter Biden's laptop has his voice on it, his signatures on receipts, there are  only things in it that Hunter could know about.

The photographs are Hunter Biden and his laptop is filled with disgusting images of Hunter with underage children.

There is proof that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) gave Hunter and his partners $1.5 billion dollars for thigs they were not qualified for.

The FBI has been sitting on Hunter's laptop since December 9, 2019!

They've had incriminating evidence of Hunter, Joe and the Biden family for a year and a half, evidence that proves financial and moral corruptness, that would, by law, qualifies for the death penalty.

Had the American people been aware of this information there's no way that Joe Biden could have entered the Democratic primaries.

This is information affects all Americans across both political parties.

Why would they not reveal this to the American people?  Why would they run an illegal protection racket for the criminal Biden family?

In this video interview with Jack Maxey, a journalist, who has a copy of Hunter Biden's hard drive, talking with host, John-Henry Westen, Jack shares shocking evidence and financial corruption within the Biden family, which proves to be the biggest National security scandal in the history of our planet!

There are dozens of hours of Hunter smoking crack, and child (extremely young) pornography, as well as Hunter having sexual relations with his 13-year old niece!  And Joe, the grandfather, is in on this!

The FBI has had this laptop in 2019 before they tried to impeach President Trump the first time. There has been a concentrated effort by the left, the FBI, and other highly-corrupt entities to protect the Biden family. They must be held accountable and be put in prison!

Hunter Biden's files detail Hunter's direct involvement with Chairman Xi Jinping, and the Biden family's, Beijing-backed business deals all over the world, and possibly Chinese infiltration in the US Government with Hunter Biden's assistance.

Emails show Hunter Biden and the Chinese eventually scrambling to clean up their mess, as the Bidens' top business contacts are arrested or disappear.  Hunter purposefully incriminates his own family members, including his father to protect himself; even though they are all guilty on their own.

Perhaps the most stunning of all, the American intelligence community knew for years, what Rudy Giuliani calls, “The 'Biden Crime Family' and yet they did nothing about it for darker reasons than you may understand.

Because of YouTube, you are not able to view this video on a screen size smaller than a laptop, desktop, or a TV screen.

All video credits got to John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews.com

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